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Minorities in Publishing

The brain child of publishing professional Jenn Baker, Minorities in Publishing (MiP) is a podcast discussing diversity (or lack thereof) in the book publishing industry with other professionals working in-house as well as authors and those in the literary scene.

Jan 23, 2019

[This episode was heavily edited and conducted over Skype, so please not audio variation.]

Jenn speaks with Imani Josey (The Blazing Star) about creating a realistic and mindful historical YA novel with Black protagonists, the inspiration from her pageant background for her short story "Crown," and her trajectory as a...

Jan 2, 2019

[This interview was conducted via Google Hangouts, some audio variation may be heard.]

Jenn speaks with the creator of the new literary journal Day Dreamers, Bria Kiara about her inspiration and the nitty gritty details of starting your own print journal and the balance to maintain it as a unique vision for...

Dec 19, 2018

[This interview was conducted via Google Hangouts, some audio variation may be present.]

Jenn spoke with debut author and professor Dawn Quigley (Apple in the Middle) about writing for trade vs. academia, presenting Native American identities in fiction, and what it was like her debut year. 

Dec 5, 2018

[Please note that audio variation occurs in this episode, which was conducted via phone.]

On the latest episode Jenn speaks with author SJ Sindu about her novel Marriage of A Thousand Lies, her path to publishing her first novel after leaving tech and moving towards creative writing, the perspectives of LGBTQ+...

Sep 25, 2018

Jenn spoke with scholarly publishing employees Celine and T (in marketing and sales, respectively) about their personal experiences as people of color within their work place, the necessity and also the push back of creating a diversity committee, and how microaggressions on the job have made it hard to...