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Minorities in Publishing

The brain child of publishing professional Jenn Baker, Minorities in Publishing (MiP) is a podcast discussing diversity (or lack thereof) in the book publishing industry with other professionals working in-house as well as authors and those in the literary scene.

Apr 22, 2019

Jenn speaks with co-owners of Brooklyn based Radix Media, Lantz Arroyo and Sarah Lopez, about the work of printers, being a new independent publisher, and the case for worker cooperatives to provide equity in the workplace. 

[Transcription will be available on the Episodes tab of the Tumblr.]

Mar 25, 2019

[Audio and Transcription of this episode was provided by BookNet Canada]

Road Trip to Toronto for the latest episode! At this year's Tech Forum conference Jenn spoke with author and founder of the Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD), Jael Richardson, about the creation of an inclusive literary festival, the work to...

Mar 6, 2019

On January 10th, the nonprofit I, Too, Arts Collective held a celebratory NYC book launch for the picture book The Roots of Rap, a collaboration between award-winning & acclaimed artists  Carole Boston Weatherford and Frank Morrison at Langston Hughes’ brownstone in East Harlem. The two discussed their origins as...

Feb 21, 2019

Jenn speaks with artist/illustrator Jerry Craft about his trajectory as a cartoonist from regular strips to self-publishing to his latest graphic novel (New Kid) pubbing with a Big 5 publisher. Jerry shares his aesthetic which is bringing humor and heart to stories prioritizing Black families. 

Jan 23, 2019

[This episode was heavily edited and conducted over Skype, so please not audio variation.]

Jenn speaks with Imani Josey (The Blazing Star) about creating a realistic and mindful historical YA novel with Black protagonists, the inspiration from her pageant background for her short story "Crown," and her trajectory as a...