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Minorities in Publishing

The brain child of publishing professional Jenn Baker, Minorities in Publishing (MiP) is a podcast discussing diversity (or lack thereof) in the book publishing industry with other professionals working in-house as well as authors and those in the literary scene.

Apr 28, 2015

Jenn speaks with award-winning authors Zetta Elliott (author of books like Bird, A Ship of Souls, and The Deep) and Renée Watson (author of This Side of Home and Harlem's Little Blackbird) about their trajectory as authors of color, the need for educating youth on American history, and also the necessity of not just...

Apr 13, 2015

Jenn talks with Dwayne McDuffie award-winning illustrator/writer Nilah Magruder, creator of the webcomic M.F.K and the upcoming picture book FOX HUNT, about what's kept her going as an artist of color, the lack of diversity in the comic book world, and also why she began to create the stories she does. 

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